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How to Choose the Best
PhD Program for Your Career.

Without understanding your destination and a plan for getting there, no trip can begin. When you are beginning your PhD study, choosing a topic for your dissertation is referred to. This is the stage where you are unclear about your study topic and how to get on the research bus. PhD guides advisors help you choose a subject for your study, construct a problem statement by concluding a foundation paper, and also provide assistance with writing a summary or research proposal.

PhD guides provides a cooperative online panel where the Writers, technicians, and researchers may discuss and share ideas. our PhD guidance will provide you with guidance on drafting the summary following the format required by the university, as well as on the research objectives and cutting-edge techniques/extensions that may be investigated.

Topic selection
Ideas for research Topics
The topics must be fascinating to the research world and informative of your goals for the research. Your theme should generally be:


Your question must be unique to be accepted. Don't say what has already been said by others.


Your topic should be relevant to the field of expertise in addition to being intriguing and unique. It must affect how society or business is run.

Support Ancillary Study

Your topic should inspire others to conduct a related study that takes into account various aspects of the problem. If this is not the case, academics are less inclined to reference your work.

“It’s never too late to start a new beginning in your life”

PhD in CSE

  •      Cryptography
  •     Healthcare system security
  •     Eye region recognition system
  •     Plant leaf disease detection
  •     Audio Fingerprinting
  •     Natural Language Processing
  •     Internet of things (IoT)
  •     IOV
  •     Intrusion detection system
  •     Blockchain security
  •     Cloud computing
  •     Wireless Sensor Network
  •     Recommender system
  •     Mobile computing
  •     Machine Learning
  •     Wireless Body Area Network
  •     Data Mining
  •     Text Mining
  •     Artificial Intelligence

PhD in ECE

  •     Signal Processing
  •     Optical Fibre Communication
  •     Wireless Communication
  •     Digital Signal Processing
  •     Image processing
  •     Signal and Systems
  •     VLSI
  •     MANET
  •     VANET
  •     Antenna
  •     Telecommunication

PhD in Civil Engineering

  •     Concrete Technology
  •     Transportation Engineering
  •     Structural Engineering
  •     Environmental Engineering
  •     Water Resources Engineering
  •     Construction & Management Engineering
  •     Earthquake Engineering
  •     Material Science & Engineering
  •     Surveying & Mapping

PhD in EEE

  •     Power Electronics
  •     Power System
  •     Electric Vehicles
  •     Distribution & Transmission System
  •     Control /safety system
  •     Grid
  •     Renewable Energy Sources
  •     Motors Generators
  •     Power Plants
  •     HVDC/ HVAC
  •     Power quality
  •     Power Management
  •     Energy storage system

PhD in Biomedical Engineering

  •     Medical Image / Signal Processing
  •     Bioinformatics
  •     Biomechanics
  •     Biomaterial
  •     Biomedical optics
  •     Tissue Engineering
  •     Genetic Engineering
  •     Neural Engineering
  •     Pharmaceutical engineering
  •     Clinical Engineering
  •     Rehabilitation Engineering
  •     Medical Devices
  •     Pharmaceutical Engineering

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

  •     Fluid Mechanics
  •     Design and manufacturing
  •     Materials and structures
  •     Industrial and Management Tronics
  •     Production Engineering
  •     Thermo dynamics
  •     Vibration and Acoustic
  •     Automobile
  •     Applied thermal/ Applied Mechanics
  •     Dynamics(Aero/ Thermo)
  •     Robotics
  •     Turbulence Computational Fluid Dynamics

PhD in Management

  •     Managing Technology and innovation
  •     Resource Management and Sustainable Development
  •     Social Entrepreneurship
  •     Accounting and Finance
  •     Marketing Management
  •     Healthcare information technology
  •     Tourism Management

PhD in coastal Engineering

  •     Geotechnical Engineering
  •     Municipal & Urban Engineering